Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What languages can I learn?

The present version includes 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian.

Q:Does it matter what my native language is?

Yes, it matters. The card-set consists of a linguistic pair – a target language (the one you are studying) and a native language – it’s highly recommended that you be fluent in one of these languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian.

Q:What is the price?

The app itself is free. There are also FREE trial sets of approximately 20-25 cards for each of our languages, which is a great way to try out MemoCards! A full card-set of 3000 words with audio and pictures can be purchased for just $2.99. That’s by far the Best Deal on App Store!

Q:You say there are 3000 cards. Is there a way to choose what to learn exactly?

Yes, there is a Tag-Priority System making it possible for you to choose words connected with specific subjects or themes to your liking. The current version of the app includes more than 40 categories and 5 groups.

Q:How many words can I learn with MemoCards?

Each card-set contains 3000 most frequently used words in each language. This covers 95% of the everyday lexicon and should allow you to speak fluently on basic subjects. We will be increasing the number of words up to 10,000 within the next 2-3 months. Then MemoCards will cover 99% of the everyday lexicon and represent the vocabulary of a university graduate.

Q:Is there a self-control in the app?

Yes, after each lesson there is a self-control test. This is how it works: you see a word in your native language and try to recall its equivalent in the foreign language you’re studying. If you succeed, you send the card to the next group. But if you fail, the card keeps in the same group. Each succeeding group has a longer period of time before you are required to revisit the cards.

Q:Can I download flashcards into the app from any open sources like or

No, you cannot. Just because you don’t need to! There are enough featured flashcards available within MemoCards and their number is growing!

Q:You say I cannot download flashcards into the app but what if I need to add some words into my card-sets?

No problem! You can use our Dictionary, powered by Google Translate, to find a word, translate it and add it to your card-set. This advanced feature that can be purchased for as little as $0.99. Coming in the next update.

Q:Why is my study session divided into lessons?

Every study session is broken down into sub-sessions or lessons. We believe that this is the most efficient way for you to learn and for us to organize your lessons.