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Study Approach

The study process: what to learn? how to learn? and when to learn?

MemoCards took into account all aspects of the organized study process and simplified it for you!

1) We prepared the 5000 words most commonly used in every-day speech lexicon. Why waste your time on words you will rarely use? Learn the words you need!

2) We collaborated with professional linguists to create a review component. This unique methodology of reviewing the cards is geared towards increasing word retention. A one time lesson is not enough to remember a complete new vocabulary word, review is necessary  until the word becomes a natural part of your vocabulary.

Depending on your memorization abilities, you may need to review each word 5-10 times. It is exciting that such a large database of new words can be acquired through these cards in as little as 10 minutes of study.

3) Self-discipline is vital and taken into account. A desire to learn is not enough – you need to make learning a part of your regular routine. To assist you, we implemented a calendar and notification system into the MemoCards app. You choose how often and when you want to study and the app will remind you of your scheduled lesson. As you can see, we tried to solve the mundane organizational issues so that you could focus on your studying!


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